Recent video productions

“Mahajanaka Dance Drama – UK Tour November 2019” (2019)

I was one of the camera operators on this video directed by Adam Hale to promote the production by Neon Dance and PinDrop.



“Chickens are Intelligent, Sensitive and Inquisitive” (2018)

I researched this topic and selected an existing video made by Michelle Cehn, founder of World of Vegan, which I then re-edited to fit the charity Veganuary’s social media style.




‘Rural Reminiscence Session, Gorwel Farm’ (2017)

A video for Alzheimer’s Society Cymru, one of three clips in support of their campaign around dementia in rural Wales. I did the camerawork and editing on this video, and I also mentored one of the charity staff in video production generally, and sound recording in particular, which he did on the interviews here – his first such experience.



“Being Rendered Visible” – Written and Directed by Ros Martin (2016).

I shot and edited this video.



“10,000 Pages” (2017). Based around the research and performance of Emilia Melville.

I shot and edited the live action, and collaborated on the coordination of the other elements.



“Intersectionality in the Struggle for Black Reparations” (2015) – A talk given by Esther Stanford-Xosei to the Oxford Pan-Afrikan Forum.

I directed, shot and edited this video (with second cameraperson Rich Sleight).